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Web build your Apps.

We offer Native Apps for Android and iOS for best performance and Hybrid Apps made with React Native, which runs on both Platforms, to save Ressources.

Smart Fridge Management

Fridgtain (iOS)

Track Food in your Fridges. Simple Item input by an custom AI Scanner for Invoices and Food Detector Algorithm.

Map Mystery

Treasure Sprint (iOS)

A location-based game, where you have to find treasures around you.

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Intelligent Briefs

SummarAI (iOS)

An AI-powered summarization app that summarizes your text with customizable length.

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Personal Bartender

Mixology (iOS)

A cocktail recipe app that helps you find the perfect drink for every occasion.

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Math Adventure

NumBurst (iOS)

A math game that helps you improve your mental math skills.

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Learning Quiz for Kids

Zappy (iOS)

A learning quiz game that helps kids learn new things.

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Fit Life

Never Skip Dessert (iOS)

Maintain, Gain or Loose wait with this simple method!

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Number Quest

Sequence Solver (iOS)

A game with a simple goal: Find the number in the sequence!

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Content Creator

FeedAI (iOS)

A content creation app that helps you generate content for your social media.

Job Ready

Intervue (iOS)

A job interview preparation app that helps you prepare for your next job interview.

Perspective Repair

Flatify (iOS)

Simple CAD digitalization and measurement of Real World Objects through a Smartphone.

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Pool Helper

Poolify (iOS)

Track your Swimming Pool Values and share them across all of your Apple Devices.

Document Scanner

DoScan (iOS)

Simple way to automatically recognize a sheet of paper and transform it to a perfect pdf, like a traditional scanner would do! It further lets you export the text on the image through modern OCR Technology.

Deaf & Mute Helper

DeafChat (iOS)

A communication app that helps you communicate with deaf and mute people.

Build Web Elements everywhere

ReactElements Studio (iOS)

A React Web Elements Builder that helps you build web elements on the go using TailwindCSS.

Speed Reader

Spreed (iOS/Android)

A speed reading app that helps you read faster and more efficiently.

Password Generator

GetPass (iOS/macOS)

A password generator app that helps you generate secure passwords.

Party Quiz Game

Quezz (iOS)

A party quiz game that helps you have fun with your friends.

for Arabic and Roman Numbers

Roman Numbers (iOS)

A simple to use Roman Number Converter App

Menu Bar Screenshot

MenuShot (macOS)

A menu bar screenshot app that helps you take screenshots of your mac screen.

Sleep & Meditation

Moonshine (iOS)

A sleep and meditation app that helps you sleep better and relax.

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Simple Cat & Dog Training

Pet Trainer (iOS)

A simple app that helps you train your cat or dog.

Infinite Hell

Demon Tower (iOS)

A game where you must defeat monsters and fireballs.

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App Store Screenshots

StoreShot (iOS)

A simple app that helps you create app store screenshots.

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And your Website.

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Frequently asked questions

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    • What Web Technologies do you use?

      Usually we build the Frontend of our Web Pages using React or Next.js with Typescript and TailwindCSS.

    • Do you also provide Wordpress Sites?

      Absolutely, we are happy to work on your existing or create new Wordpress Sites for you. But if the page is more complex than a simple Landing Page, we highly suggest to use React!

    • What Apps do you offer?

      We do offer to build your native iOS Apps, aswell as Cross-Plattform Apps using React Native.

    • Do you also design the UI/UX of your Products?

      Ofcourse, if you do not already have finished designs we also offer to design your Project.

    • Do you also build other Software Solutions then Web and Mobile Apps?

      Definitely! Contact us and tell what you would like to have and we will try to find the best Solution for your Problem!

    • How do I apply for a job at STRICS IT GmbH?

      Contact us using the contact form on or by messaging us on